RichBook Demo: RichBook format of the user manual document where you can experience the RichBook and run the activities.

User Manual: A pdf document that contains detailed information about the RichBook.

New and Updated Features of RichBook
● Overall better performance.
● Higher image quality.
● Improved page navigation.
● Advanced cropping.
● Moving the single page to the left, middle and right of the screen.
● Typing with Text tool any place on the screen.
● Moving, modifying and formatting text felds.

RichBook is an educational presentation software that displays the pdf books on  Interactive Touch Board  or overhead projector as one, two or half page formats and provides and easy and effective course presentation for teachers with RichBook standard tools.

The goal of the product is  to provide an effcient and entertaining learning environment for students and teachers by meeting people,
information and technology in a common place. RichBook transforms the static pdf books into dynamic and interactive books.

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