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The Easy Way of Using Technology in Education

Once there exist Windows operating system and Adobe AIR, RichBook does not need any additional technical requirements to operate.
RichBook is compatible with all kinds of interactive whiteboards. It can also be used with overhead projector devices.
RichBook has its own tool panel, it does not use interactive whiteboards proprietary tools.

is an offline standalone application. It can be run directly from the USB memory stick or it can be copied to the hard disk and run. It opens the first page of the book and displays a preview of the last visited page for a while to access it in demand. RichBook is been developed by a team of teachers in field, computer programmers, instructional designers and visual designers.

The project intends to recover teachers from preparing digital content and learning interactive whiteboard software loads so teachers may engage in professional development and be occupied by organizing instructional activities.

RichBook is designed to put students at the centre of the educational environment,
so they’re more engaged, more collaborative, and more motivated.

Inspiring students to learn sets them on a path to becoming their best selves. But the teacher still drives the instruction.
RichBook helps educators open more ways for students to learn, so they develop the skills they need to succeed and tap into their unique potential.
So we make teaching easier and more rewarding and learning more exciting.
When technology is at its best, it paves the way, rather than getting in the way. Teachers can do what they do best – simply teach. Make working with digital content as simple as learning your ABCs. Youchoose what works best for you and your school.


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